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Who is Smotect?

Smotect is a nutraceutical company that manufactures and supplies the world’s most effective and scientifically proven Quit Smoking Natural Tablets, SMOTECT. Made with a unique formulation of 12 therapeutic herbs, the tablets prepare your body & mind to quit smoking by reducing your nicotine dependence. With a > 95 % success rate (Clinically Proven) & FDA-approved, it is 100% safe, natural & nicotine free. Moreover, it protects vital organs like the heart, brain & skin from the impact of years of smoking.

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The Challenge

  • ROAS was unable to surpass 2x
  • Scaling of ROAS campaigns, and lack of growth in sales
  • Enhancing the conversion rate reach
  • Engaging a wider & relevant audience on the right platform
  • Recurring rejection of ads due to policy violations


In June 2022, we encountered a significant number of ad rejections on Meta due to policy violations. However, we took proactive steps by reaching out to Meta support to identify and rectify the violations, ensuring our future ads complied with their policies. Consequently, the rejection rate reduced significantly. Additionally, by analyzing past campaign data, we optimized our ads to achieve exceptional results, including a 4x ROAS, 8x increase in the number of orders per day, a 23% abandon cart recovery rate, and an impressive 4.3% conversion rate.


Abandon cart recovery rate


Increase in the number of orders per day



Services Provided

  • Performance Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO (ON & OFF Page)
  • Audience hyper-targeting
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Product-led growth strategy



When we faced ad rejections on Meta, we promptly connected with their support team to understand the specific policy violations. This involved carefully reviewing the guidelines and policies to ensure our future ads adhered to their requirements.


We implemented strict quality assurance measures to ensure all our ad creatives, copy, and targeting complied with Meta's policies. This included thorough checks before submitting ads for approval to avoid any potential violations.


We consistently monitored our ad performance and campaign status to address any potential issues in real-time. By keeping a close eye on our ads, we were able to identify and resolve any issues promptly, reducing the rejection rate.


We analyzed past campaign data to gain insights into audience behavior and ad performance. Based on this analysis, we optimized our ads to maximize conversion rates and ROAS.


We created compelling and relevant ad creatives tailored to our target audience's preferences and pain points. This approach improved the engagement and conversion rates of our ads.


Throughout the process, we conducted A/B testing to compare different ad variations and strategies. This helped us identify the most effective elements and refine our campaigns for better performance.


We implemented effective abandoned cart recovery tactics to entice potential customers back to complete their purchases. This involved personalized follow-up messages, special offers, and timely reminders.


We regularly reviewed our campaign data and performance metrics to identify areas of improvement and adjust our strategies accordingly. This constant review process allowed us to stay agile and adapt to changing market dynamics.


We prioritized understanding our customers' needs and preferences, tailoring our ad messaging to resonate with their interests and pain points. This customer-centric approach contributed to higher engagement and conversion rates.



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