FORMEN Case Study

Increase in Conversion Rate in 2 Months
Increase No. of Orders in 2 Months
Increase in ROAS growth
Quantastic played a vital role in helping us achieve our targets for the beard growth category. Their content and performance marketing strategies were instrumental in driving our success.
Kartikeya Kabra

Marketing Head

Who is Formen?

Formen is a comprehensive destination catering to men’s grooming and healthcare needs, offering a wide range of products. With an impressive customer base of over 45,000 individuals, this direct-to-consumer brand covers various categories like skincare, hair care, beard growth, men’s physical health, and personal care.

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  • Low ROAS which is 0.28X for their beard category
  • High Return of the Orders
  • Low Click Through Rate for Ads
  • Campaigns was Not Scaling and Sales was not Increasing


Within a short span of 2 months, we achieved a remarkable 3.66 times increase in ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) through the implementation of several effective strategies. One such tactic was the creation of compelling video ads, resonating well with our target audience. Additionally, we opted to exclude locations with lower returns, further boosting our overall performance. The video ads notably contributed to elevating the Click-Through Rate (CTR) from 0.30% to an impressive 1.79%.

Thanks to a ROAS improvement of 3.3 times, our Beard growth category started generating profits. This success is evident in the overall increase in sales, reflecting substantial growth in the company’s profitability.


Increase ROAS in 2 Months


Increase in Order


Decrease in Order Return

Service Provided

  • Growth Hacking
  • Ads Production
  • Content Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Product-led growth strategy
  • Paid performance (Social, SEM)
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Audience hyper-targeting



We started by conducting extensive market research to understand our target audience's preferences, pain points, and grooming needs. This analysis helped us identify potential opportunities and gaps in the market.


To effectively engage our audience, we invested in creating high-quality and compelling video ads. These ads showcased the benefits of our products and appealed to our target audience's aspirations and interests.


Leveraging data analytics, we identified and targeted specific audience segments most likely to be interested in our products. By focusing on these segments, we maximized the impact of our advertising efforts and minimized wasted ad spend.


We carefully analyzed the performance of our ads in different geographic locations and identified areas with higher returns. By excluding locations with lower returns, we optimized our advertising budget and ensured a better ROI.


Throughout the campaign, we conducted A/B testing to refine our ad strategies continually. This involved testing different ad creatives, copy, and targeting options to identify the most effective combinations.


Regular monitoring and analysis of campaign performance were crucial. We closely tracked key metrics like CTR, conversion rates, and ROAS. This allowed us to make data-backed decisions and quickly adjust our strategies when needed.


With the 3.3 times improvement in ROAS, we focused on ensuring profitability in the Beard growth category. We optimized product pricing, streamlined fulfillment processes, and managed inventory efficiently to capitalize on the category's success.


Our approach was iterative, and we embraced a culture of continuous improvement. We remained open to feedback and insights from customers, employees, and partners, using that information to enhance our products and marketing efforts further.



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