Diversey Case Study

ROI in just 3 months
Increase in organic Traffic
Increase In Leads Quality
With the assistance of Quantastic, our B2B model successfully generated leads with an impressive conversion rate. The quantity and quality of leads they provided ensured that our sales pipeline remained consistently full. We owe our success to their valuable contribution.
Nikhil Abhang

Marketing and Sales

Who Is Diversey

Diversey Prosumer Solutions are trusted by the cleaning industry as reliable and powerful professional-grade products that make cleaning easier. The complete line of versatile cleaning products offers the benefits of commercial quality for professional users who depend on a trusted provider to get the job done well.


  • The Diversey Prosumer website initially struggled to attract significant organic traffic, which limited its online visibility and potential customer reach.
  • The website faced challenges in ranking for relevant and valuable keywords on Google's search engine, hindering its ability to appear in prominent search results and reach the target audience effectively.
  • Generating organic leads proved to be a challenge, and the website's lead generation efforts were not yielding the desired number of leads.
  • Achieving a high Return on Investment (ROI) with their advertising efforts was challenging, leading to a higher cost per lead and inefficient utilization of their advertising budget.
  • The website's conversion rate was not optimized, resulting in a lower percentage of visitors taking desired actions, such as submitting inquiries or signing up for services.
  • Encouraging user engagement on the website, such as prolonged session durations and repeat visits, posed a challenge, affecting the overall user experience and brand retention.


We successfully optimized the Diversey Prosumer website, leading to an astounding 3400% increase in organic traffic within a year, with over 20 keywords ranking on the first two pages of Google’s Search Engine. The website now generates over 100 organic leads, and our Ads campaign achieved an impressive 23.5x ROI in just three months. Additionally, we observed a 57% increase in quality leads, with a cost per lead of less than 50, generating more than 1000 leads every month for their B2B model.


MOM Leads Generated


Keyword Ranking on First Page


ROI in 3 months

Service Provided

  • Growth Hacking
  • Social Media Management
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off- Page SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Copy Writing
  • Media Planning
  • Lead Generation



A comprehensive website audit was conducted, and optimization strategies were implemented to enhance the website's performance, load speed, and user experience, ultimately leading to increased organic traffic.


Thorough keyword research was undertaken, and relevant keywords were strategically incorporated into the website's content to improve search engine rankings and attract the target audience.


A targeted lead generation strategy was developed, focusing on compelling content, clear calls-to-action, and user-friendly forms to increase organic lead generation and user conversions.


By leveraging data insights, the ads campaign was designed to maximize ROI through precise targeting, engaging ad creatives, and continuous optimization for better cost per lead results.


The website's content was enriched with engaging elements, such as informative blogs, interactive tools, to encourage user engagement, longer session durations, and repeat visits, boosting brand retention.


The conversion rate was optimized through A/B testing, and streamlining the user journey to enhance lead generation effectiveness.


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