10 cheat codes for a successful Facebook Campaign in 2019

Know your target audience

Facebook provides various criteria like interests, the field of study, demographics, behaviours etc. based on which the advertisers could group the audience and target them. If a wrong group is targeted, then the conversions are not as per the expectations.

10 cheat codes for a successful Facebook Campaign in 2019

So it is important to understand the buyer persona as detailed as possible. Thus while targeting the Facebook ads look back at the persona and choose interests, behaviour etc. that fits in. Example if it is an apparel brand, it should first identify who are its target, where do they shop, what is their purchase behaviour, if discounts and offers encourages them to shop more or otherwise. After taking all these things into account the advertiser should design the Facebook campaign.

Send reminders

Facebook allows the advertisers reach to different audiences. It may be those who have been on their platform or had made a purchase. These are warm leads and it is important to send them reminders. Re-marketing campaigns could be utilized to send specific ads to these different group of audience.

10 cheat codes for a successful Facebook Campaign in 2019

This would help them to remember the advertisers’ website and also bring them back to the site. There are different type of campaigns which are created. Some are to applaud the customers that they made the right choice. Some are to remind them of the upcoming product deals or offerings. The motive is to make the customers loyal so that when they re-purchase they prefer their last seller

Understanding the preferences of audiences

It is important to understand what the audiences like best in ads, it could be achieved by testing different type of ads like image, text, slideshow etc. and then analyse each and choose one that performs the best.

Understanding the preferences of audiences

Advertisers have a split-second to capture the audiences’ attention, so a Facebook ad campaign should not be text heavy. A Facebook user usually scrolls down quickly if he does not find the content interesting and Facebook users majorly prefer audio video content and spent a few seconds reading any content that is text heavy. But at times an advertiser may not be able to create a very good audio video content ad in that case a striking image helps to send the desired message. It is able to successfully capture the viewers’ attention and pass the message

Utilize Facebook’s Analytical Tools

Facebook has an analytical tool that tells which ads performed better and this information could be utilized to understand what is more effective among the target audience.

Utilize Facebook's Analytical Tools

The advertisers are advised to make the best use of this tool as it helps to understand how the target audience reacts to the ad campaign. If the response is not as per expected the advertiser can learn from his previous error and take controllable actions It is advisable to an advertiser to track efforts, analyse and adjust strategy. This would give an insight into what would bring more conversions and put efforts in the right direction

Use of social proof

The advertisers should take advantage of social proofs. The more likes, shares, comments one can gather for their newsfeed ad, the more other people are going to do it and it will create awareness about their brand.

If an ad campaign’s content is good, there is a match between ad content and landing page but it is not able to gather as many likes and share, the main agenda of social proof is not fulfilled. So getting as many social proofs becomes very important.

Refresh Creatives

The audiences get tired of watching the same type of campaign again and again. It is advisable to refresh the creatives at least once in two weeks else it leads to ad fatigues.

The consequences are that there is a rise in cost, a significant drop in frequency, audiences start ignoring the ad etc. By revising the copy like-switching from first to third person or vice versa, adding emoji’s, turning statements to questions, editing image, and text, using gifs etc. would help to refresh creatives.

Avoid too many ads in an ad set

If an advertiser adds too many ads in one ad set, then as per the design of Facebook, it will figure out which one is performing the best and may show only that ad. The advertiser would lose control.

Facebook would decide how much to show each ad. To cite an example would be if an advertises have put 10 ads in one set, it might happen that out of all, only two of them are performing well. An advertiser would be under the impression that all his ad campaigns are being shown but on the other hand, only two of them which had the highest reach was actually shown. In this case, an advertiser has no control. So it advisable not to keep many ads in a single ad set. Different ad campaigns are designed for specific purpose some may provide basic information and some may be to engage the customers, in such a case it is important to make different ad sets else the main intention of an advertiser is not fulfilled.

The ad should match with the landing page

The marketing message and feel of the ad should match with the landing page. The image, description, colour, offers etc. should go with the landing page.

If there is an inconsistency, then it would confuse the visitor and he would leave the page without any further actions. Example: If your ad shows an offer, when a customer clicks on that and is directed to the landing page there is a mismatch. He does not find that offer content anymore. He becomes discontented just by the ad and leaves the page immediately

Mind the words

Advertisers are advised to avoid words like “you” and “yours”. Facebook does not want the advertisers to address the audience directly like that.

Whenever these words are used, they should not relate to any personal attribute.

Not Appropriate- The product is for Busy Moms like You. Here “you” target to the busy mom.

Appropriate- This product will keep your kitchen clean. Here “your” is not targeted to any personal attribute.

Unique Value Proposition

In case a person wants to take insurance out of the above two, he would prefer the first option as it clearly states “Pay less for a better value”. The value of insurance at a less price is clearly stated. The ad’s objective is clear, measurable and is able to convince that it is superior to that of its competitors.

In case of the first option, no value is uniquely identified and a buyer looking for a value at an effective price would not prefer it.

Thus a good value proposition should state the message clearly and speak the value its business provides.

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Nikita has graduated from IIM Lucknow in 2019 and had completed her B.Com (Hons) from SRCC in 2015. Some of her interests are writing, running and cooking.






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