Top 7 campaigns for Quantastic in 2018

Each year brings a unique set of experiences in an agency.

New clients?

New work locations?

New briefs?

This year Quantastic has a mix of all the three above!

It is that time of the year where we share our top work for the year gone by. When I sat down to jot down the top campaigns initially, I was planning to include only five of them. But to my surprise, I had to extend my list to 7 as many campaigns made the cut this time.

Presenting to you Top 7 campaigns for Quantastic across industries and services.

1. Global audience with local connect

Client: Asian Paints

Category: Event

We had got a brief to create a suitable environment for the exchange of marketing ideas to subsidiaries coming from 9 countries. We realised that knowing information about the different cultures and countries beforehand makes it easier to relate to diverse people.

We crafted the concept of “Rhythm of togetherness” which highlighted that different cultures and people can create a unified rhythm by coming together.

We planned pre-event email quizzes which enabled participants to know more about other subsidiaries and locations. We linked each country with a colour and created a video covering the culture of each country.

Delegates from 9 countries were engaged in the event and due to the pre-event quizzes, many felt comfortable while meeting other participants. The video for each country made a long-lasting impact and each participant really understood the culture of their co-participants country.

2. Gamifying Compliance

Client: FMC

Category: Events

Compliance is a relatively uninteresting subject to educate your employees. Usually, such sessions attract a lower turnout. We were briefed to make their content entertaining, fun and interactive.

We conceptualized an entire event with a theme of ‘Ethics Fun City’ where we split the intense topics like Environmental Law, Ethics and Business Conduct, Conflict of Interest into everyday scenarios like Visit to School, Visit to a Mall or Visit to a theatre.

We used a mix of Quizzes, games like Darts, Throw a ring and Bollywood movie scenes to explain these concepts effectively.

We were able to engage a total of 200+ audience in 2 hours and helped them understand these tough concepts. We received a lot of appreciation from the management and the employees. The employee appreciated the innovation used to explain difficult concepts in the event.

3. Blending micro-influencers with brand communication

Client: C9 Airwear

Category: Influencer Marketing

C9 was relatively a new brand in the activewear and innerwear space. We proposed a plan to tap the micro influencers as their engagement is almost 3x than a bigger influencer.

We shortlisted influencers on the basis of their niches like Fashion, Fitness, Dance and Yoga. The products gelled well with people doing these activities.

Since a typical model photoshoot doesn’t always connect with the Instagram audience. We integrated the influencers in our photoshoot. We chose the shoot locations as per the influencer. We chose a studio for aerial silk yoga while we chose outdoors for leisure wear and activewear shoot.

This resulted in 4x engagement on Instagram and thus making the social media posts more popular as our audience could relate more with them.

4. Let’s chat about healthy food

Client: Health Sutra

Category: Social Media (Messenger)

Health Sutra is a brand which sells products made out of millets (Ragi, jowar). Their products are listed on Big Basket. But the challenge of using social media to sell such products is educating the audience about its benefits. This meant an additional step in the selling process.

We used the Facebook messenger bot to run this conversational campaign. The idea was to engage in conversations with interested consumers. We targeted the campaign into two segments; Moms and Fitness enthusiasts.

The response to the campaign was phenomenal as people started to ask questions like “What exactly Jowar poha is?” Or “What health benefits do these products have?”. We replied to many such questions in real time. We ended our communication with sharing details where these products are available online and offline.

We managed to increase the website traffic by 10% for the period of the campaign while the overall conversion rate (people buying the product) was 3% of the total reach on Facebook.

5. Conversations with Luxury

Client: Naiknavare Developers

Category: ATL

We are working with Naiknavare Developers (Pune) for the past 3 years and designing all their ATL communication. In one of the campaigns for their most premium project, Spires (Avg. ticket size: INR 4+ crores) we wanted to highlight their amenities.

We developed a conversational and personalised campaign for the high-end target audience of this project.

The headline of the outdoor campaign actually struck a conversion with the viewer. We wanted to communicate the benefits of the project in a conversation format. This made a great impact and resulted in multiple walk-ins for that project.

6. Context >>>> Product

Client: Amardeep Constructions

Category: Social Media (Video)

We are working with Amardeep constructions (Real estate) for past 2.5 years on their Anutham project based out of Mulund East, Mumbai. Considering the developer is relatively new to the real estate space, we were briefed to create a brand presence in Mulund and the surrounding area.

We brainstormed internally and decided not to promote the project alone as many of the competitors are already doing the same. We thought to do something which can engage people of Mulund and start a conversation amongst them.

We developed a short video highlighting how “Mulund is the Prince of Suburbs”. Using this theme, we covered popular areas of Mulund in an image-based video. We released this video and within a few hours, we saw people sharing this on their walls and tagging their friends. In fact, many of them started to comment on the video and inviting a war with their friends.

The simple purpose of raising awareness for a real estate brand resulted in a video that reached over 3 lac+ people overnight.

Not just content but the time and audience equally matter in a successful social media campaign, which we can nail efficiently.

7. More Traffic. More Conversions.

Client: Automation Expo

Category: Lead Generation

We have worked with Automation Expo for their last 3 editions and we have literally grown with them. We received feedback from many visitors during the 2017 edition that Automation expo needs to level up in terms of the activities, communication and branding.

We took this up as a challenge and started implementing subtle changes right from their website to their venue branding. Automation expo website has 1000+ visitors on an average on any normal day of the year and during the event, it goes up to 10,000+ visitors. While there was nothing, in particular, to take away apart from static information for the visitors and the website was not generating enough leads through this traffic.

We analysed their website using Google Analytics. After shortlisting few high traffic pages, we inserted a call-to-action for the interested audience for participating in the expo. This helped us get 200% growth in the average daily leads. We followed this strategy a few weeks before the event. We analysed the social channels, feedback from the leads and chatbot responses. Visitors wanted to download the exhibitors’ list. We got a 10x jump in average daily leads after we asked the audience to fill a simple form to download the exhibitor list.

Automated Chatbot was need of the hour for Automation expo website which had visitors from at least 15 countries across the time zone. We setup few automation paths to tackle basic level queries and guided them to share their contact details. We are pleased to share the chatbot traffic became the best channel for referral traffic for Automation Expo website.

I can promise you that 2019 will be much bigger for Quantastic with many exciting brands and campaigns.

What was your favourite campaign from the above? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

This post is written by Tejas Chaudhari who is the Chief Digital Evangelist at Quantastic






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