10 of the Best BTL Campaigns of 2019

Best BTL campaigns of 2019

Below-the-line (BTL) advertising is a unique type of advertising which catches instant attention of viewers.

It has a visible brand impact on all social media channels plus is budget-friendly. All you need is a creative idea!

Below are some of the below the line campaigns that created a buzz in 2019 -

1. Snickers is not itself when it is hungry

Best BTL campaigns of 2019 - Snickers - Quantastic

For the UK market, Snickers came up with a unique idea of filling Snicker bars with another chocolate - 'Bounty'.

Those with the misfortune of finding the wrongly packed chocolate took to social media to express their grief, leading to #SnickersGate getting viral.

The campaign extended the brand’s rhetoric of ‘You are not you when you’re hungry’ to ‘We are not us when we are hungry’ by revealing the hoax on social media with a video.

2. Aegean's big birthday bash

Best BTL campaigns of 2019 - Aegean - Quantastic

Greece's largest airline, Aegean on its 20th birthday, created an email marketing campaign offering its subscribers a flat 50% discount on its flights as a reward for their loyalty.

They also included a sentimental video focusing on its company audience.

3. Domino's loyalty program - 'Points for Pies'

Best BTL campaigns of 2019 - Dominos - Quantastic

Domino's has always used technology to drive immense success.

More than half of its global retail sales came from digital platforms in 2017.

This pizza delivery giant launched a new customer loyalty program - 'Points for Pies' wherein the Domino's app allowed customers to earn points for every pizza they scan on the app.

The campaign ran for 12 weeks and bought in good sales.

4. KoiYaarNahiFar by HotStar

Best BTL campaigns of 2019 - hotstar - Quantastic

India’s leading video streaming platform - Hotstar released a campaign for VIVO IPL 2019 titled #KoiYaarNahiFar.

They made a TVC about 2 brothers who magnetically repulse each other.

When the cricket tournament starts, they wish to watch it together but can't.

That's when Hotstar comes into the picture with its social cricket-watching experience.

The objective of this campaign was to bring friends and family together to watch VIVO IPL 2019 irrespective of their location.

Through the platform, viewers can invite other people to Hotstar, watch cricket, and participate in the Watch ‘N Play game together.

5. Corona and the environment

Best BTL campaigns of 2019 - Corona - Quantastic

The beer-company launched a brilliant 'Pay with Plastic' campaign in association with 'Parley for the Oceans'.

To celebrate the week of 'World Oceans Day', they placed recycling machines from which people could get beers in exchange for used plastic bottles.

The campaign ran in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Colombia. With every purchase, Corona & Parley committed to clean 1 sq. mt. of a local beach.

6. Spotify becomes relatable

Best BTL campaigns of 2019 - Spotify - Quantastic

Inspired by the world-famous memes, they launched a campaign using the “Me, Also Me” format to show how the platform offers music for every mood.

Funny, easy to understand and relatable, they made for the perfect way to communicate without saying a lot.

In another campaign, to increase their Spotify Premium sales, they introduced multiple 30-second audio advertisements on its own app & in between the song streamings.

These advertisements used real-life scenarios where Spotify Premium would be of immense use.

7. Tulipán brings innovation to consent

Best BTL campaigns of 2019 - Tulipan - Quantastic

Sexual consent is a major issue at present and Tulipán addressed it in a creative way.

With a new, creative condom pack, this Argentinian brand highlighted the issue in a special way, the box can only be opened with 4 hands meaning two people must open it together.

They also created a video on how this package works.

8. Kellogg's big redesign

Best BTL campaigns of 2019 - Kelloggs - Quantastic

Being probably one of the most iconic cereal brands out there, Kellogg's for their European market underwent the biggest package redesign in their 113-year history.

The redesign used the cereal bowl as a focal point with the objective of being instantly recognizable and sending out a message that the brand is cleaner, honest & transparent.

A study conducted by Kellogg’s found that 70% of customers could locate the new packs more easily and that they increased the “purchase intent” by 50%.

9. Vodafone 4G Internet slide

Best BTL campaigns of 2019 - Vodafone - Quantastic

Experiential marketing can be used to depict a powerful message to a particular location.

In this example, to depict Vodafone offering faster internet, they added a slide next to a mall escalator for a literally faster experience.

10. GoodNewsIsGenderFree By Prega News

Prega News, the most trusted company that provides HCG Pregnancy Detection Kit came up with a brilliant social media campaign titled #GoodNewsIsGenderFree on International Mother’s Day.

The campaign focused on breaking the severe issue of gender inequality that persists in Indian society.

They used the video medium to convey the message of gender equality.

What according to you was the best BTL campaign? Tell us in the comments section below!