How to choose digital marketing agency?

In my recent interactions with newly acquired clients I have realised that most of them have had a bad experience with their previous digital marketing agencies. May it be related to website speed or SEO or related to the quality of leads they have generated through social media. On a daily basis I come across clients complaining about their past agency interactions. Most of the time this trust issue leads to improvising on the existing website or reducing the media budget with a new agency. So in this article I am going to give 5 pointer guide on how should a client decide on which digital agency to go ahead with.

How to choose digital marketing agency?

As a client you need to understand that digital is a medium or a platform using which you communicate with your potential customers. So while choosing the best digital marketing agency you need to also consider an agency which has a potential to come up with a content related to your brand. Hence when the digital ad agencies present those media plans to you, you also need to ask them a question related to content marketing.

Most of the clients try to quantify the number of posts their social media agency is offering in a specific budget but they need to think beyond the post designing. Cause if you ask yourself a question about why will you yourself will follow your own social media handle. It can give you a lot of clarity. Consumers are interested in Knowing how are you reacting to the things happening around you. Hence you need to choose the advertising agency which is contextual in social media approach.

While having a chat with my friends from various digital marketing agencies in mumbai and around I have realised that very few actually goes beyond a traditional targetting and think unconventional. e.g. while selling a furniture online on social media, you need to think beyond people having interest in home decor. You can rather target people who are getting married or even people who are recently divorced cause these might be the people who are setting up a new home and may need furniture. Hence innovating in terms of consumer digital personas can yield better results.

While working on a digital campaign for a real estate client one fine day I got a call from him asking me to stop the campaign. Whereas he was generating leads in less than Rs. 50. When I asked him the reason he told me that he is yet to call any of the lead we have generated in past one week. The ideal time to call a lead is first 10 minutes as after that the conversion chances goes down. Hence client needs to partner with a digital marketing agency which puts client goal ahead, understand the operstional bandwidth and then decide on the execution plan for client.

Most of the agencies ask client about their budget and client in return asks how much budget should I have. Digital media agencies charge 15% agency commission and that’s the reason client feels that agency will try to get maximum media budget from them. Rather it is important for clients to understand that to compete in a digital space they need optimum budget that can help them yield certain results. It is not about client recommending or agency suggesting but it is about how much budget is required initially and what’s the maximum we can spend. Hence having a competitive analysis done and forecasting for different campaign scenarios can give clients further clarity on results they can expect.

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