Are you all wondering what India is searching on Google during the lockdown due to COVID-19?

We have collated 28 Google trends which define India during the lockdown.

Right from #foodtrends to #entertainment to #economictrends, we have covered it all.

You would be surprised by many of the trends.

Few things we noticed

#1 People are getting bored and finding things to do online

#2 Many people are hunting for food recipes

#3 People are worried about the economy

#4 People want to stay fit and immune at home

What to do during the lockdown?

“Bored” and “Things to do at home” are gaining popularity on Google

What to cook at home?

Queries involving recipes and food items are trending on Google. Surprise query is “how to make bread”.

The increasing trend of “Immunity food” gives a glimpse of awareness among people to stay immune during this torrid times.

“How to make dalgona coffee” is riding on the popular trends which we are seeing across the digital channels.

How to connect with the office from home?

Work from home has come up with many challenges and solutions to them. Daily office calls on various apps like Zoom and Hangout are commonplace.

With excess time at hand, many people are resorting to attend free webinars on topics of interest.

How do I keep myself entertained?

Apart from regulars like “Games” and “Free movies”, “DD channel” made its grand entry with return of popular content like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Shaktimaan.

How to take care of myself at home?

“Fitness” as a keyword is losing popularity while “workout at home” is extremely popular now.

“How to cut hair at home” gives strong reasoning for what is essential for people during the lockdown.

How do I use this lockdown positively?

“learn online” and “online classes” queries are rising continuously with people fearing job losses. Re-skilling is the best way to ensure job security in these times.


Without a doubt, the essentials will see a rise in trend and there is no substitute to “medicines online” and “sanitizers”

How to assess the current economy?

Rise of queries related to “recession” and decrease in queries related to “job” clearly show that in the coming months our economy will be a grave matter of concern.

What product/services are on a decline?

“Salon” and “Cosmetics” give us a dipstick into which categories are losing sheen due to the lockdown.

Did we miss any trend?

Do let us know if you are similar insights for the lockdown.

Stay safe. Stay at home.





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