Swee is amongst the leading shapewear brands in India. Swee wanted to launch its new seamed shapewear collection which offers high compression at strategic points. But at the same time, it wanted to avoid cannibalisation with its existing seamless shapewear collection.


Our primary research suggested that the awareness about shapewear in Urban India is quite low. In our secondary research, we identified that women have different body shapes, and each shapewear of this product range benefits woman with a specific body shape.


Gems are precious stones, and women love to wear them as they enhance their beauty. Just like each shapewear benefits a specific body shape, according to the widely accepted astrology, each gemstone benefits a specific zodiac sign. But in astrology, an astrologer recommends people regarding the gemstone they must wear for their benefit. We correlated the premium gemstones with premium shapewears and broke the stereotype of someone else selecting a gem for you. Thus, we came up with the thought "Figure out the gem for you" and launched the new seamed series as High Compression Gem Shapewear Collection.


In Swee’s marketing collaterals and packaging, we have educated consumers with a chart showcasing, which Shapewear suits which body type. This will help them decide the best product for them.


We have designed the packaging in an hourglass shape to communicate the ultimate product benefit - a perfect body shape. Every product variant has its unique selling proposition highlighted in the design.




It was fun working with Quantastic. They were involved at every small step from photo shoot,

re-touching to designing and campaign planning they have truly delivered a 360-degree campaign for Gem Shapewear Collection. Our product is already in market and we have received the positive response from trade as well as from consumers.