Where Do You Start?

Search Engine Optimization is a gradual process of improving a website’s visibility on an organic search engine result page, by carefully incorporating those elements into the website which are used for crawling by the search engine bots.


The Google Search Engine processes billions of search results every day, & the vast majority of these searchers never look beyond the first page of results. If a Brand is not on the first page, it might as well be invisible to the vast majority of its audience.


SEO is one of the main pillars of Online Marketing. At Quantastic Marketing we use both onsite & offsite strategies to produce top results.

Together we can make the audience notice your Brand.



Applying attributes to the web pages (all through backend) - optimizing page load times, applying microformatting, validating W3C markup, generating backlinks & much more.



Optimizing the website on a page-by-page basis, all to ensure the pages make the mark in popular search engines - smart insertion of keywords into on-page content throughout the website.



The most important building block of a good SEO strategy. Generating beautiful, relevant & informative images, videos, infographics, blogs, articles & hosting it on the website for a better chance of being noticed at the search engine result pages, therefore generating optimum traffic.



Probably the best way to pull traffic to the website organically. This is a further extension of producing great content & publishing it through multiple social media channels. Ideally, the audience will engage with the content which would eventually drive traffic to the website & improve the SEO.

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