Anutham’s Print Ad Campaign



They told us they are the best. And we had to communicate it.

Amardeep Constructions, a leading developer in the suburbs of Mumbai wanted to create a print ad campaign for its high-end project, Anutham, located at Mulund East. Their motive was to generate leads for Anutham by conveying the message that Anutham is the most luxurious project in its entire neighbourhood and no competitor's project can outperform it. 


After doing an in-depth research about the various projects located in Mulund East, we reached a conclusion that the only project that was a relative competition to Anutham was Tata Housing's Aveza. But Aveza provided basic amenities to its residents and was situated next to the Dumping Ground of Mulund East. 

The Creative Solution

The insights gathered by us helped us in coming up with a headline that best suited the purpose of the campaign. The headline was, "Dump the basic. Embrace the luxury". This line along with a lifestyle image conveyed the message that Tata Aveza which is located beside Dumping Ground offers basic amenities and it's time you embrace the true luxury that Anutham has to offer.


The Quantastic Result

Basic can never beat the best.​

The print ad campaign created an impact on the minds of the people and brought in many enquiries and leads for Anutham.