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Print Advertising

Where Do You Start?

Given the newspaper’s immediacy as a daily source of information for millions & billions of people, it is a perfect medium for advertisement.

Although print media might be getting a bad rep as the digital medium continues to explode, traditional print advertisement presents an opportunity like no other. Publications like magazines & newspapers reach a specific set of audience & when done right provides a great platform for consumers to take the required action.


Newspaper advertising is also a great way to keep your product or service top-of-mind in your target audience to further build brand awareness.

The Quantastic Approach /


Define the objective

We start by defining the objective of the communication or print advertising & what goals you wish to achieve.



We then study your intended target audience, analyze the product/service, & brand positioning in the market.


Define key communication

Based on the above pointers we define key messaging for the print advertising.



After that designing of the concept gets underway & is carefully executed as per the print media - Magazine / Newspaper etc.


Analyze and Learn

The final step in our approach is analyzing if we have achieved the set objectives & undertaking the required measures.

Why Print Advertising in 2020?

Even in our ever-growing digital age, there’s still a lot of marketing potential with print advertising. Local newspaper ads can be a great way to reach your audience & build brand awareness. Inserts, Newspaper Ads keep the audience at the forefront of your brand identity.


Newspaper ads and inserts can reach a really wide local audience, often capturing the attention of people who don’t use social media or aren’t aware of your brand.


The team at Quantastic has extensive experience creating a wide range of print advertising collaterals & executing successful print campaigns


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