Top 3 decisions which worked for Quantastic in 2018!

Either you take right decisions or you make decisions right. - Unknown.

2018 was a year of scaling new heights in terms of clients, employees and offices for Quantastic. Generally, the planning for the year begins in the December month of the previous year. We had set a few objectives and milestones to be achieved for 2018.

Here are the 3 decisions which we took as an agency and how they helped us get better in what we do.

1. No more Social Media management for the sake of it

Social media management is the cash cow for many mid-size agencies. But when I tried analyzing the future of social media management, I figured out that it will be the biggest threat to the existence of Quantastic. If you ask me why? Social media posting is FREE, unlike any other media. Hence the client assesses the agency's performance the number of posts instead of the coverage of each post. The pressure is always on the agency to give maximum posts at a minimum cost. I have seen agencies ready to manage social media accounts at INR 5,000 retainers. Frankly, we are not here to compete with them.

We ask a question to the clients who approach us for social media management - Without boosting your posts, who else is engaging with your posts apart from you, your employees, your agency's employees, and your family and friends? I have seen them going speechless after this question. And that's when I feel it is not about managing social media but about creating value through social media. You can visit our social media page and see how we have tried to make a difference through posting things which people want by being contextual. And when did we realize that our efforts are paying off? When we met people for business meetings and they said they have seen our social media and started discussing it. I think it's a high time that mid-level companies should stop worrying about the number of posts and start worrying about building the number of genuine followers. 

One of our posts which was shared across the internet!

2. Introducing the incentive model for team Quantastic

Most of the team members at Quantastic are with us since our inception and people who have joined recently often talk about settling down with us. In this kind of scenario, we always had a fear of our employees getting into the comfort zone.

"Comfort zone is a good thing, but nothing grows there." - Unknown

Hence we thought about giving targets to our creative team. And the target for account manager is to make sure that the creative team is meeting their targets. We introduced an incentive structure for each and every person in the agency for meeting the targets. This interlinking has helped us maximize our efficiency and deliver work in a shorter time. This has reflected in our books too as we have seen notable growth in our revenue after introducing the incentive structure.

3. Expanding in-house capabilities by giving exposure to the hobbies of employees

Chinmay Jadhav from our team who is as visualizer is an excellent photographer. (Follow him here!) We have made sure that we are getting enough photo and video shoot assignments to nurture his photography skills and generate revenue for the company as well.

Chinmay at a video shoot

Pawan Madhavi spends his weekends doing DIY projects. When we shifted our office recently he undertook the entire interior work for our new office. Also while executing events for our clients, Pawan's execution skills were put to use in coordination with the event teams.

Pawan working on his masterpiece

Mitali who is a new recruit at Quantastic in the design team has exceptional illustration skills. Her Secret Santa gift was Digital pentab meant to take her skills to the next level. She is working on a poetry book assignment where she has got an opportunity to showcase her illustration skills.

Mitali working on an illustration

Nonetheless, there were a few decisions which were not as fruitful as the above ones. But I feel change is the only constant thing in life. And unless we are working on changing things for our betterment, we are going nowhere. We look forward to making

a positive impact in 2019 for our clients, our employees, and society as a whole.

This post is written by Anand Ingle who is the Founder and CEO at Quantastic