Celebration cake on the day of our anniversary

Today we have completed three years of our Quantastic journey. Quantastic started as out as a 4 member advertising agency from a co-working space in Thane and now is a 15 member strong team working on 50+ clients from the Mulund office. We survived for three years and these were the most challenging years of my life. Filled with lots of ups and downs, losses and gains and successes and failures. But today I wish to share with you all what really helped me to survive and excel in this wonderful journey. EMPLOYEES LEAVE. FAMILY STAYS.

I could not have reached so far without the people who have started this journey with me and the ones who have joined in between. One thing which was common among them all is they considered Quantastic as their own baby and worked hard to keep it moving forward. We have had only two people leaving us and joining some other firm that too because of their personal problem. My focus was always on building a positive environment where people will feel motivated and free to trust their crazy ideas. We break the typical agency culture of the afternoon to midnight and gave focus on the work-life balance. For whatever recognition we have got whether it be designing the BRICS 2016 summit logo or the Doodle award, we always ensured that the person who has worked on the campaign is accepting the award.

Company financials and strategic decisions were taken on the lunch table. And that's how we grew as a family. THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT.

While working with our clients who can blindly trust our ideas knowing our expertise, our work was always in their best interests. There was an instance where even on receiving the final approval we gave more designs as we believed we could do something more valuable for them. Another instance where we told our clients 'not to take up an activity’ which would have resulted in more revenue for us but it was not aligned with the brand. This attitude of not believing that customer is always right but consulting and guiding them appropriately helped us moving from executing a small email marketing campaign to conceptualising an award-worthy event for a client. Hence, most of our clients are with us for the past three years. The bond is getting stronger as the years passes along.


We started as a traditional media agency and built our digital marketing expertise over the period of time. We knew that it was tough competing in the industry which is cluttered with agencies offering individual services like campaign designing, digital marketing or social media. Hence to make a difference in this over-competitive industry we started learning new tools for website designing, animated videos, email marketing, SEO and social media analytics etc. which helped us deliver high-quality work in less time at a lower cost. At Quantastic, we keep learning every day and keep challenging ourselves to improve our performance.

For all those people who have a startup or have a Startup idea, feel free to contact me at I will more than happy to share any inputs required to excel or survive in terms of marketing. You can check the Facebook live video which we did during our speech at IIM Lucknow Entrepreneur summit. 

The below are some actionable slides for a startup which were presented at the event.

This is post is written by Anand Ingle who is the Founder and CEO of Quantastic