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25 Best Chrome extensions for Marketing that you can’t live without in 2019

If you are a Marketer, these 25 Chrome extensions which we are going to reveal here, we can assure you- would play a decisive role in your daily activities, be it designing a campaign, writing emails, mass marketing messages, SEO or making your content unique and creative.

So, without putting forward more jargons, let’s set the ball rolling.

Here are the top 25 Chrome extensions you should be using:

1) Grammarly

Grammarly is able to highlight your mistakes as soon as you type a word or sentence. It can be used for as many things as one can think and is really a great extension for correcting grammar and suggesting appropriate words as per context. Grammarly business is specifically made for teams working together.


2) Auto Text Expander

Tired of typing the same things again and again. We sometimes feel annoyed filling forms or responding to customer queries, because every time we have to enter the same information again and again with slight changes. Auto Text Expander creates shortcodes for the text and the next time you can directly use these codes instead of writing or copy pasting.


3) ActiveCampaign

Another handy tool to get easy access to your contacts, emails, calls and other important tasks accumulating. You can keep an eye on all of them without shifting through tabs or more terrible, forgetting them. It is a kind of sales customer relationship management tool.


4) OneTab

This tool can save you time and If you are not aware of it, you would be amazed. Remember, researching about something and opened 20 tabs, now it is very laborious to find a tab out of all. OneTab is the solution, you can just see the complete titles in the list and choose the one needs.


5) Ahrefs

This extension can assist in search engine optimization and it has its own database to make your work easier. It is a great tool for backlink checking and keyword research. It can give you important information like domain rank, traffic, backlinks etc. about any page.


6) Gmass

This extension can be used to send emails to many people with just one click and create mass marketing campaigns. Also, allows you to schedule emails and merge them with google sheets data, which is an interesting feature.


7) HootSuite

Just like Gmass this extension is for all your social media sites. You can schedule the content and post them at a time across all social media sites. Manage multiple social networking sites and monitor social media traffic using this extension.


8) Hashtest

Hashtest tests the hashtags you are using for your Instagram content and being a marketer you must know the importance of choosing right hashtags. It is very easy to use and you can find the most popular hashtags trending at a point of time using this extension.


9) SEMRush

SEMRush is also a search engine optimization and analytical tool which breaks down your site traffic in parts a directly showing the part of organic traffic, backlinks, etc. and further specifying them.


10) Feedly

Feedly is actually a news and content aggregator application, which can help you the articles posted by your most favourite blogs. Also, it marks the unread and recent articles to just give you an idea. It only works only for the pages having RSS or Atom feeds and it does not track any of your browser activity.


11) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo can give you details about each of your specific contents like how they are behaving on social media platforms and their popularity. BuzzSumo will get you the count of the share and likes without even opening the social media sites and it works for multiple social networking sites.


12) Oktopost

If you are the person, who likes to share interesting articles and content, this extension is for you. This extension makes you able to directly share the content without opening the social media platforms and at the same time can track the conversions of the contents.


13) LinkClump

Ever thought of opening all the links of Google search page? LinkClump can save your time of right-clicking each link and then open them. You have to hold z and just drag the selected part and leave the rest to LinkClump. Also, it gives you options to open the links in new window, the same window or even adding them to your bookmarks.


14) Liner

Using Liner, you can highlight the important part of an article and just visit the tab again to see what was of use in it. You can use different colours and Liner will save all your highlights on the desktop.


15) Print Friendly

Sometimes reading hardcopy is more convenient than on a device. Print Friendly can adjust any website content to print and even you can quickly adjust the content before printing. One feature of Print Friendly which we like most is that it removes junk, ads etc. before printing and it saves a lot of time.


16) LastPass

Remembering passwords of all the sites is not possible and using similar passwords for all is more dangerous. LastPass remembers your password and at the same time, you can keep important documents with LastPass for better security.


17) Save To Pocket

As the name suggests, you can save your favourite contents to come back and for reference. It has a feature of recommendation according to your saving list and for a unique experience, you can sync all your devices free of cost.


18) SEO Quake

It is one of the most recommended SEO application, master for the activates like word count, density and suggestions. Review all the major SEO matrices and see a full report of internal and external links to the domain. With SEO Quake, you would be able to look into social statistics of Facebook and Google+.


19) VidIQ Vision

It is also an optimization tool but specializes in YouTube. You can optimize videos before directly uploading on YouTube. Based on certain algorithm it ranks every YouTube video and can assert in developing videos with a higher probability of going viral.


20) BuiltWith

This extension is more about competitors; it can tell you about the platform on which the site is built on, CMS, analytics and much more. Definitely, these are the information everyone is looking for. It is a very popular extension among developers, researchers and designers and that’s why can be very useful for marketers.


21) Sales Navigator

It is a widely popular extension, able to provide info like social media account, Gmail, recent posts and other such information of your contacts. It was previously widespread with the name “Rapportive” and now rebranded as LinkedIn Sales Navigator with some extra functions.


22) Full Page Screen Capture

It is a simple tool but quite useful, it enables you to capture screen as per your necessity- means the full content. You can download the screenshot as an image of pdf as per your need and it is quite easy to use, just press Alt+Shift+P and select your screenshot.


23) Eye Dropper

It is a Colour picking tool and cool to use. Just select the extension and click on the colour you want to pick from any website. Widely used by web developers, designers and marketers for selecting attractive colours.


24) Split Screen

After installing this, there would be no shifting between tabs to write something or compare. You can split the screen and see both the web pages. Shortcuts added within the extension for splitting screens in different sizes- 1*1, 1*2 or 2*2.


25) One Click Extension Manager

After having most of the upper listed extensions, you need this for sure to turn off and on the required one with just a single click. Easily view, remove, add, enable or disable any of the installed extension from your browser.


There you go! These are the 25 best Chrome extensions that we think are a must-have for any marketer in 2019.

Which of these extensions would you be using or are already using? Comment below!

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