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10 Best BTL Campaigns of 2018

Below the line (BTL) campaigns are able to catch the attention of the marketers because of its visible impact and cost-effectiveness.

It is gaining success because of its customer-centric communication, low spillover and an ability to deliver the brand experience.

Some of the below the line campaigns that created a buzz in the market and could be implemented by marketers in 2019 -

1. “Amazon’s Treasure Truck”

Amazon’s Treasure truck visited 25 cities in the US and few in the UK.

It would sell a specific product at a discounted price, customers would get to know about it by signing in up for


The demerit was that it would sell a specific item and one would not find different size or colour of that product.

It was more of a promotional stunt as in 20 minutes at least half a dozen people would gather to see what the buzz was all about.

2. Alibaba’s See Now Buy Now & AR for lipstick trials

See Now Buy Now live fashion show by Alibaba as part of its 11.11 Global Shopping Festival was carried out in Shanghai.

It showcased 50 carefully selected fashion brands. It was a merger of online and offline platforms.

Viewers watching the show onsite or online could enjoy the show along with shopping the item on their phone or saving it for a later date.

Another was to install 60 new retail powered pop-up stores where Augmented Reality would be used for lipstick trials.

3. Passport to Magical Moments, Club Mahindra

A unique display of magical moments was displayed by Club Mahindra for its resort at Infinity Mall, Malad.

It was targeted at children. Children along with their parents got an opportunity to experience the fun of a Club Mahindra Resort.

By engaging the children, it was able to attract the parents who are the main decision-makers for holidays. It engaged the children by showcasing the activities for its 4 locations – Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan & Dubai.

4. Celebrating Onam at Thiruvananthapuram Airport

The tourism department of Kerala with the permission of the Airport Authority of India, Thiruvananthapuram decorated the airport to greet the passengers to declare the auspicious celebration of Onam.

The arriving passengers were given banana chips and coupons with which they could avail discounts at Chaitram hotel.

It was focused to give the tourist an idea of Onam and Kerala’s culture to the tourist. Such initiatives are able to highlight the rich culture and the places to explore there.

5. Canon PhotoMarathon

Every year Canon conducts photo marathon across 12 Asian regions.

It was also conducted in Mumbai and Delhi and was able to secure 1000 entries in both the cities.

The contest is unique as the theme is announced right on the spot and the photographers are expected to shoot within two hours.

The event helps to bring together people who are passionate about photography closer while challenging them to push their boundaries and showcase their photographic creativity through their own perspective.

6. Paving for Pizza, Dominos

A group of workers in Bartonville, Texas fixed around 8 potholes in the town. At the end of the day, the crew shared a couple of pizzas.

Interestingly the logo of Dominos was painted on the side of the equipment, on the cones that were used to stop traffic and on the spray-painted on the freshly laid asphalt.

The project was called “Paving for Pizza”. Such initiatives show how dominos is concerned up to the point that the pizza is delivered in good shape to the consumers. Also, it was able to capture the attention of the people.

7. Augmented Reality Experience, Nexus Mall

The Nexus mall in debuted with a first in Navi Mumbai an Augmented Reality Experience where people who experience the wildlife in the Arctic.

It gave an opportunity for people to interact with the creature, click pictures and record videos.

The mall was positioned as the most fashionable mall and for which it also created four fashion islands representing the fashionable destination in the world be it Mila, Paris, London and New York.

8. Khushiyon Ki Doli, Jadui Safar

khushiyon ki doli hul

HUL reached out to media dark villages with its brand message and also to engage with consumers rapidly change brand metrics.

The objective was to promote personal hygiene and to create a preference for its brand. It was able to connect with 25 million rural consumers through this campaign. It was conducted in 3 stages.

First was to create awareness about the company’s products at the meeting points of the villages called “Mohallas”, second an engagement and involvement programme by way of simple quizzes and fun activities was conducted in the local language where brands were introduced via TVCs and short AV’s.

Consumer home visits along with shop visits were also done in order to conduct trials and improve the visibility of the brands.

9. The Suitcase Campaign

Club Mahindra had sent locked suitcases to 150 of their Mumbai based customers who had booked holidays using the Gift Voucher.

The campaign focused on improving the product presentation to the customers. The customers invited the sales executive to their home to unlock the suitcases, and the product was presented to them.

The activity was a success with a 12% response rate. Such campaigns could be carried by e-commerce companies for displaying new products to the customers.

10. Thank a Nurse, our everyday hero - Campaign by Himalaya Baby Care

It was an initiative by Himalaya Baby Care in association with maternity hospitals like Fortis, Cradle, Cloud Nine and Vaydehi in Bengaluru.

Organised on International Women Day, the aim was to commemorate nurses for their immense contribution in establishing and implementing nursing care with compassion.

The nurse with the highest positive testimonials is awarded “The Best Nurse of the City. “In this way, the hospital along with Himalaya kept the connection alive with their stakeholders.

What according to you was the best BTL campaign?

This blog post is contributed by Nikita Das

Nikita has graduated from IIM Lucknow in 2019 and had completed her B.Com (Hons) from SRCC in 2015. Some of her interests are writing, running and cooking.

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