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Our Multigrain and Nutrie Pops are first-of-its-kind snacks made from wholesome grains and other nutrient-rich foodstuffs. We require re-branding for our snacks, which comprises of a new brand name, logo design, mascot, packaging and in-store designs. The new brand image must be appealing to people across all age groups and must communicate our USP of delicious and healthy snacking.


Adolescents and adults are becoming more health conscious with each passing day and are opting healthy food over junk and street food. People in these age groups are more inclined towards the food products which clearly communicate their ingredients and health benefits. Whereas, on the other hand, children tend to get attracted towards childlike characters associated with the brands. When a new product is launched into the market, what matters to the audience is a single brand proposition. In our case, it's delicious and healthy snack made from grains.


We created various marketing communications by integrating client requirements and insights.


Brand Name: Unlike other brands, we took the unbeaten path and communicated the main ingredient Grains through the brand name Grainito's. Having the main component in the brand name itself helps to communicate the health benefits of the snack vividly.


After numerous brainstormings and doodling, we came up with a mascot named Graino. Graino is a cute scarecrow mascot. Using scarecrows to protect the grains from crop depredating wildlife and to retain their nutritional value is a method used since ages. As a result of which, adults can easily associate themselves with Graino. Whereas, the cute characteristics of the Graino entice children easily.

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