Pratham Traders



Being a local trader based in Mumbai, the presence of many such local traders meant a limited area of business. The only business they did was through referrals. But their biggest USP is that they have the best product quality in the market, so, we had to multiply their business opportunities by finding them new clients on a regular basis.


Pratham Traders, Mumbai’s leading Aluminium Trader wished to explore new avenues to generate business by communicating that they were simply the best Aluminium Traders in Mumbai.

Apart from India, they also wanted to branch out & expand their business to the Middle East.


While performing extensive keyword research for Aluminium products, we found out that there are a fair amount of searches for Aluminium products waiting to be advertised upon. And with Pratham Traders having a stock of the best quality products in the market, we just had to communicate it thoroughly to the customer, enticing him to fill out the form and get the best quote.


In the Aluminium market, there was hardly any company that advertised their products online or offline. Aluminium is such a technical product, the only way these businesses do sales is through referrals. Advertising was an unexplored avenue to generate business as yet. 

Lack of proper case studies and we being the first ones to advertise Aluminium products presented a huge challenge. It was a big task to be seen as prominently and capture a fair amount of leads who are searching for Aluminium products over the internet.

Quantastic Approach

We decided to create a seamless customer journey right from a potential lead clicking the ad and reaching the Thank you page.


A thoughtful Google Ads set-up was done with the available products and grades on the table. Multiple campaigns and ad groups were created keeping in mind the geographies and the respective messaging.


And after A/B testing the keywords, ad copies, ad groups and geographic locations, we zeroed in on the best campaign set-up which was able to perform effectively at the lowest cost per acquisition.


Campaigns targeting the Middle East were also set up after performing effective keyword research for individual countries.




Total Conversions

(successful form fill-ups)

 INR 350

Cost per Conversion

INR 23

Cost per Click

(30% lower than

industry average)