Saree e-commerce brand



India Connection Impex, an Indian brand which is a trusted name and a favoured choice had the objective of generating leads in the fashion accessories industry from the buying divisions of retailers, traders, wholesalers, and importers.


With their products available globally, Facebook Ads and Google Ads were used as platforms to generate leads at a global level keeping the fashion accessories industry in mind.

What did we do?

As the target audience was a professional B2B one, we had to curate our communication to appeal their needs & requirements. As they are in charge of buying fashion accessories, we had to communicate with them about our offerings. "Wholesale" was stressed enough, the copy was written in a professional manner & the creatives showcased us as global leaders in the fashion accessories industry.

Target Audience

As the Indian based brand aimed to connect globally in the world of fashion accessories, the purchasers or the buyers of different fashion companies were targeted from the US, the UK, South Africa and Australia.


The well-judged strategies resulted in great improvements in both the quality and volume of leads being generated which boasted a


conversion rate (3 times the conversion rate from the industry average.)