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Bayer’s Compliance Gamification



Bayer, a Global Pharmaceutical Company, wanted to organise an event to educate its employees regarding its internal compliance policies at their Vapi manufacturing plant.


All the employees were blue-collared and language was a barrier.


Sports is an activity in which people from all walks of life participate with enthusiasm and where language is not a barrier.




Bayer's internal compliance policy comprised of three risk packages thus we associated a relevant game to each one of them, and organised an event named Compliance Championship. Employees were divided into 8 teams and each team was provided with a content enclosure in Hindi and a coach to guide them regarding each game and risk package.


Anti-corruption - Balloons &

Dart Game

To burst the corruption scams just like balloons

Pasting green & red balloons in front of a do & a don’t respectively and bursting them with darts

Employees came to know about the acts they need to practise and refrain to avoid corruption.

Fairness & Respect at Work -

Relay Race

To impart the importance of teamwork and coordination

Employees learned how they must respect everyone at work and treat them fairly.

Conflict of

Interest -


To give first preference to company’s


Selecting the correct alternative from the MCQ displayed on the screen and scoring maximum goals in a minute

Employees got to know that they must always give first preference to company’s interest at work.

- A pair of 2 players stood at all the 4 intervals

- Preceding pair could reach the next pair only after answering a question correctly

- The team to reach the finish line first with the baton wins the race



The event turned out to be a great success and Bayer achieved its motive of educating its blue-collared employees regarding its internal Compliance Policies in a fun-filled and entertaining way.


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