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Health Sutra’s Brand Identity



We must represent what we are

Health Sutra, a health food start-up manufacturing various Indian foodstuffs like Upma Rawa, Idly Rawa, Poha and Chiwda from millets, wanted to revamp its brand identity right from brand logo to packaging.

We tried to figure out; why?


Going back to the roots

The Indian history brims with various scriptures written by sages, and a scripture means a Sutra in Sanskrit. Thus, Health Sutra turns out to be a scripture of modern times written by the wise men of today's era for a healthy lifestyle.




Redefining Tradition with Taste

During olden days, scriptures were written with the help of a quill (a feather dipped in an ink pot). And Health Sutra is a scripture that is created with Millets. Thus, we thought of using millets in place of a feather in its logo.


We replaced the feather dipped in an ink pot with a millet crop to showcase that the scripture of Health Sutra is written with the help of Millets.


The Quantastic Result

Need we say anything further?

The inanimate objects spoke for themselves and so did the results ;p

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