Aapni Dairy Brand Identity



Aapni Dairy, a livestock financing company, based out of Rajasthan approached us to create their complete brand identity right from logo designing to finalising their brand tagline. They had a unique concept of providing finance for livestock to farmers and villagers and recovering the loan amount in the form of milk daily.


Being a Rajasthan based livestock financing company and having its operations in the rural areas, the typical Rajasthani or Marwari farmers or people engaged in animal husbandry were Aapni Dairy’s customers or cliens.




As the horns of a buffalo resemble the imperial moustache kept by the typical Marwari men, we placed the traditional turban worn by them also known as fetta above the horns which created a vector kind of an image of a typical Rajasthani man.



The logo and the tagline “Siddhi Sapnoki. Samriddhi Apnoki.” were able to resonate very well with their target audience.