India’s one of the largest aluminium roofing sheet company



Being the leading Aluminium roofing sheet brand offering world-class quality and variety for industrial, commercial and residential use, Oralium’s purpose was to generate leads for their Aluminium roofing products all across India i.e businesses, residents, architects or dealers interested to purchase their products. 


To reach such a diverse audience we planned to advertise on Facebook & Google.    

What did we do?

By targeting different cities across the country, we had city-wise messaging in the ads. We executed highly targeted lead generation ads on Facebook & Website traffic ads on Google. The creatives were designed using aluminium roofing sheets as the focus product making the ads highly engaging with exceptional ad copies.

Target Audience

As the product was diverse, the target audience was also generic. The end-user could be a residence, an office space, a dealer, an architect or a builder, anyone could become a customer.


 Not only we increased the conversion volume but we attracted relevant traffic to the website for sign-ups and organic lead generation. With our advertising efforts, we were able to generate a

5x ROI

on the ad spends