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Being one of the largest platforms for study abroad aspirants, Yocket wanted to expand their reach domestically as well as internationally. They wanted to generate global registrations on their app & website and increase their brand awareness.


Yocket being a platform for the youth seeking overseas education, Google, Facebook and Instagram are the platforms which were targeted.  

Landing pages, views and paid counselling through Facebook, Instagram and Google ads to promote

What did we do?

In order to reach such a vast base of the target audience, there had to be a well-thought strategy. We decided to segregate our budgets to target the most popular countries where we had a good presence by having Lead Generation ads, Website traffic ads & App Install ads. We created beautiful creatives & compelling copy to target the young audience. For country-wise campaigns, copy & visuals were accordingly adjusted. There had to be a sense of freshness & activeness in our approach as the target audience was young. We tested countless creative designs & multiple ad copies in a bid to constantly reach our audience and generate engagement.


We were able to drastically increase their search visibility and help acquire many students seeking overseas education. Leads were generated from Nepal, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Ghana, Nigeria, UAE to name a few countries. The accurate vision and goal to drive App installations and driving sign-ups on the website resulted in a ground-breaking impact that generated


monthly app installations

triggered 2500+

monthly website